Types of dial plans

8x8 Contact Center offers two types of dial plans accessible via 8x8 Configuration Manager:

  • System Pre-Configured Dial Plans: Predefined national and international dial plans available to all tenants. They allow PBX dialing and local, long distance, and international calls. You cannot make any changes to these plans except for opting a default plan. You can select a national plan that best suits your needs or use the standard international plan. The System Pre-Configured dial plans are predefined and do not allow changes. Every tenant is required to select one and only one dial plan to suit their location. By default, your contact center may come with some system pre-configured dial plans, such as:
    • International Numbering Plan (ITU-T E.164): Allows tenants across the globe to place domestic and international calls. The International Numbering Plan does not allow unfiltered pass-through dialing.
    • US North American Numbering Plan (US NANP): Allows tenants across North America to place domestic and international calls. NANP identifies various calling number patterns and applies corresponding treatment to user-dialed numbers.
  • Custom Dial Plans: In addition to system pre-configured dial plans, you can create your own custom dial plan if you have subscribed to this feature. Custom dial plans, in many situations, can mimic the abbreviated dialing conventions of a private office phone system or internal corporate dialing plan. You can configure multiple custom dial plans.

-You can activate only one dial plan per tenant at a time.
-8x8 Contact Center reports present dialed numbers in the standard international format.

About the North American Numbering Plan (US NANP)

The North American Numbering Plan identifies various calling number patterns and applies the following treatment to user-dialed numbers:

  • Filters international calls with country codes incorrectly entered starting from "0".

    Note: Country codes do not begin with 0.

  • Removes the North American access code 011 if added to a North American phone number. For example, the number 01116505551212 is dialed out as 16505551212, removing 011.
  • Filters local and long-distance calls with incorrect area codes starting from "0".

    Note: North American area codes do not begin with 0.

  • Filters calls to emergency and special services, such as 911 in the US and 112 in the UK.
  • Prefixes the country code "1" to all local and long-distance calls within North America.
  • Requires country codes and area codes for international calls.
  • Allows input of spelled-out numbers, and converts alphabetic characters to the telephone keypad equivalent digits according to North American Telephone standards.

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