Understand campaign status

An 8x8 Contact Center campaign can assume varying statuses based on how it is managed. The campaign status informs 8x8 Contact Center administrators if the campaign is ready to run, scheduled to run, running, stopped, or completed running.

To view a campaign status, go to Campaigns in the 8x8 Configuration Manager. You can see a list of all your campaigns with their corresponding status.

The following table summarizes the various campaign statuses:

Campaign Status Description
New A newly-created campaign that has not been scheduled to start. You should manually start this campaign.
Manual Running A campaign that is manually started and is currently running.
Manual Stopped A campaign that is manually stopped by clicking Stop.
Scheduled A campaign with a scheduled start time that has not been reached.
Scheduled Running A campaign that has reached scheduled start time and is currently running.
Paused A campaign that, when paused, stops feeding calls to the outbound queue until resumed. The campaign retains calls already in the queue and offers them to the agents.
Purged A paused campaign that, when purged, removes all calls from the queue. You can resume purged campaigns.
Schedule Stopped A campaign that has reached the scheduled stop time and is currently stopped.
Completed  A campaign whose records have been successfully processed.

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