Assign supervisors to campaigns

An 8x8 Contact Center campaign supervisor controls and monitors real time campaign status. A supervisor can run campaign reports to get statistical information on the campaign calls processed. 8x8 Contact Center administrators can assign the following campaign supervising privileges to supervisors via 8x8 Configuration Manager at any time during the campaign's life cycle.

  • Monitor: Allows a supervisor to monitor real-time statistics of the campaigns they monitor.
  • Control: Allows a supervisor to start, schedule, pause, purge, resume, and purge campaigns they control.

To assign Supervisors to a campaign:

  1. Click the Supervisors tab for a campaign.
    A list of supervisors appears.
  2. Select the Monitor check box to allow supervisors to access real-time statistics about the campaigns.
  3. Select the Control check box to allow supervisors to start, pause, purge, and stop a campaign through the Campaign Management tab in their 8x8 Supervisor Console.

    Note: You can alter supervisor assignments even after initiating a campaign.

  4. Click Save.

Campaign supervisors manage campaigns using the monitoring tool in the Supervisor console. They can review the status of the campaigns, begin, schedule, pause, and purge campaigns. Additionally, they can access key metrics by accessing historical reports for campaigns. Supervisors generate historical reports of the campaigns they supervise. For details, go to monitoring campaigns.


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