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Assign Audio Files to a Campaign

During a campaign, an agent can play pre-recorded audio messages defined for the campaign to ensure a uniform delivery of the campaign message across all campaign calls. If you uploaded audio files of pre-recorded messages during Outbound Setup, you can assign those messages to the campaign now. An agent accepting campaign calls can access and play pre-recorded messages at any point during the call. On reaching a voicemail, an agent can play a pre-recorded message, then immediately switch back to available status, and attend the next interaction.

To assign a pre-recorded message to a campaign:

  1. Go to Campaign > Audio Files.
  2. In the Audio Files pane, select a folder. The voice messages in this folder appear in the list.
  3. Select the voice message you would like to assign to the campaign.
  4. Click Assign above the check boxes.
    A dialog box appears with a message confirming the assignment.
  5. To un-assign an audio file, select the file from the Assigned Audio Files window, and select Un-assign from the menu.
  6. Click Done.

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