Enable Answer Machine Detection (AMD) service

In 8x8 Contact Center when the dialer is used in its aggressive mode, it can call more numbers than available agents to maximize agent efficiency. The dialer needs a service which detects the calls answered by a machine instead of people and filters them. We have introduced the Answer Machine Detection (AMD) service to identify such calls and allocate the calls answered by people to the available agents. When the AMD service identifies a machine-answered call, it sends a one-way message to the call routing to end that call and resolve it automatically. AMD is a learning service and it needs some time to build an effective library of known audio samples before it reaches the maximum efficiency. Once the library is created, the AMD service resolves a machine-answered call quicker than the manual effort of an agent.

AMD resolves a machine-answered call when the following acceptance criteria are met:

  • There is an active interaction on an outbound call (non-active interactions include wrong numbers, numbers not in use, system messages).
  • The call has a campaign ID from an AMD-enabled campaign.
  • The elapsed time of an identified call can be terminated within the locally-configured threshold (two seconds in UK and US).

Once AMD is provisioned for a tenant, the 8x8 Contact Center administrators can activate it for desired campaigns under Campaigns.

To enable AMD in 8x8 Configuration Manager:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Configuration Manager and go to Campaigns.
  2. Click to create a new campaign or edit an existing campaign.
  3. Under Properties, select Answer Machine Detection.
  4. Click Save.

    AMD works in conjunction with our new Auto-TCL. The transaction code for such calls appears as "Answer machine detected" in CRM Cases or under Historical reports.

    Note: The AMD service is only applicable to the calls routed via campaigns, but not the outbound calls placed by an agent.