Create agent accounts

8x8 Contact Center agents require login credentials to log in to 8x8 Agent Console. The General tab in 8x8 Configuration Manager allows the 8x8 Contact Center administrator to specify an agent's user information including login credentials, email address, group assignment, and more.

To create an agent account:

  1. From the Configuration Menu, open Agents.
  2. Click Agent to add a new agent.
    The General tab opens.
  3. Enter the required information.
    The following table summarizes the options in 8x8 Configuration Manager under Agent > General:

    General Tab Option Description
    Enabled If selected, allows the agent to log in to 8x8 Agent Console using the agent's username and password.
    First Name Enter the agent's first name.
    Last Name Enter the agent's last name.
    Display Name Allows agents to present themselves with a customized display name. The display name can be modified by the 8x8 Contact Center administrator here, or if permitted, by the agents in 8x8 Agent Console. The changes immediately appear in the other application. To prevent agents from changing their display name at the tenant level, clear the Allow Agents to Change the Display Name checkbox under Home > Profile.
    Email Address Enter the email address 8x8 Contact Center uses to send agents copies of their direct access voicemail messages. You can save email addresses with up to 254 characters.
    Outgoing Mail Server

    A user’s outgoing mail server is automatically populated with the tenant's default SMTP server. The default server can be either a VCC Internal server or a custom server. You can change the SMTP server. The changes are kept unless a new default server is set.

    8x8 Contact Center administrators can configure users outgoing mail servers in three ways:

    • Using the VCC Internal server
    • Using a custom server
    • Using a custom server but overriding with the specific account's user name and password (recommended)

    If you use the VCC Internal server, you cannot override the server's default configuration, therefore, using the email address of the server. The emails sent by this user originate from the tenant’s default address which is not recommended.

    Whereas a user that is configured to use a custom server configuration, such as [AcmeJets SMTP Server], overrides the default server configuration . The emails sent by this user originate from the address of the new server. By overriding the server’s default configuration you make it more specific to the agent.

    Override Server Configuration This option gives you the ability to direct your emails via the user specific email address. If you do not choose to override, the emails are directed via the custom SMTP server address and not the default server configured for this specific user. To ensure the secure email delivery sent by the user, we recommend you to choose override.
    Software Language Choose the language used by the 8x8 Agent Console interface.
    Username Enter the account name the agent must use to log in to 8x8 Agent Console.
    Agent usernames are case sensitive: When an agent logs into their 8x8 Agent Console, they must use the same combination of upper and lowercase characters as those in the Username text entry area.

    Note:The username must be unique within the same tenant, but not across all tenants and globally.

    Password, Retype Password If enabled, enter the password the agent must use to log in to 8x8 Agent Console.
    After logging in to 8x8 Agent Console for the first time, an agent can use My Profile to change their password.
    Contact center administrators can use the Password text entry areas to change or reset an agent's password.

    Note: This field is disabled if you have turned on Email system generated passwords for new agents/admins and reset under Security >Password Policies. For details, refer to Configure Password Policies.

    Comment Enter a description for the agent account.
    Agent Group Select the agent's group assignment, such as Sales, Support, Marketing, etc.
    Current Country By selecting the country of an agent, you can optimize call quality and routing. It hints the system about the agent's location, and offers improved call quality.
    Interaction Offer Timeout  Specify the duration (in seconds) for which an agent is offered an interaction before the interaction times out. After the specified time, the agent status changes to Take Break automatically.
    Note: If the interaction offer timer runs out for an agent and the caller is back to the queue, the caller's position in the queue will remain the same and not changed or reset.
    Agent Primary Language Select the agent primary language. If the agent speaks the same language as the customer does, they can choose to handle the conversation without the aid of the translation tool.
    Agent Secondary Language Select the agent secondary languages. If the chat request is in one of these languages, the agent can chat in the requested language.
    Status-change Coding  Indicates the agent has no status code list assigned while defining a new agent.

    Note: If an existing agent is assigned with a code list, the code list name shows here.

    Allow agents to change Enable/Disable settings in Assigned Queues Control an agent's ability to change queue assignment from the agent profile.
    Allow agents to pull e-mails from queue By default, 8x8 Contact Center presents emails to agents on the basis of first-in-first-out. To enable agents to selectively pull email messages from their email queues, select Allow agents to pull e-mails from queue.
    Allow agents to Delete pending e-mails If disabled, agents are prevented from deleting pending email in 8x8 Agent Console. By default, agents have the privileges to delete pending email.
    Allow Agents to Reject Interactions This option is enabled by default allowing agents to reject interactions. If disabled, the Reject button in 8x8 Agent Console is disabled preventing agents from rejecting the interactions they are offered. The Reject button in 8x8 Agent Console appears when an interaction is offered to the agent. You can set up this ability for an agent group, or individual agents. If you disable this option at the tenant level, the check box will not show up for agent groups or individual agents.
    Enable and show options menu button The Options menu in 8x8 Agent Console gives access to transaction codes, dial pad, and call recording options during a call. Select Enable and show options menu button. If selected, the Options menu shows during a call.
    Hide Customer Email and Voice (Phone Number) in CRM
    Default Connection Mode Administrators can choose one of the following Phone Connection Modes for agents: On Demand or Persistent. For details, see our content on enable phone connection mode.
    Allow Agents to change Phone Connection Mode Agents are able to change their connection mode from within the 8x8 Agent Console. For details, see our content on how to change your phone connection mode.
    Enable Auto Answer With Auto Answer, every phone interaction that is offered to an agent is automatically connected eliminating the need to accept it manually. If Auto Answer is provisioned for your tenant, you can enable it at the tenant level, agent group level, or agent level. For details, see our content on how to enable Auto Answer.
    Agent Experience Selection

    Allows you to configure this agent to use the refreshed ‘Agent Workspace’ agent experience platform.

    • Agent Console
    • Agent Workspace - activated for this agent
    • Flexible - Allows this agent to switch between Agent Console and Agent Workspace
  4. Click Save before you move away from this tab.

    Note: You can view the outgoing email server for each user under the Agents > User list. To show this column, open Users, right-click the header bar of the Users list and select Columns > Outgoing Mail Server.

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