About Post Call Survey

Post Call Surveyfrom 8x8 8x8 Contact Center can be offered by agents at the end of a call, controlled automatically by IVR, or offered independently via your company web page. Post Call Survey can be presented via:

  • IVR-Controlled Survey: An IVR script defines when and how to offer the survey to callers. Agents do not control the behavior or questions presented by the survey.
  • Agent-Assisted Survey: Agents offer the survey to callers by transferring a call to:
    • An inbound phone queue that automatically dials or transfers incoming calls to a phone channel.
    • A channel dedicated to post call surveys.
  • Stand-Alone/Independent Survey: This is true when a customer decides to take the survey voluntarily, and is directed to the survey from a web page. For example, List a dial-able phone number on a web page for callers interested in taking the survey. They can dial the number to be directed to the survey. This channel number must be linked to the PCS script.

When do I offer a survey?

By programming the IVR script, surveys can be offered to callers while they stay on call, or by calling back at a later time.

  • In call (while a caller is on call, request them to continue to stay on call to be directed to a PCS survey)
  • In call with callback (if the caller dropped the call, call back to offer the survey)
  • Callback only (always call back to offer the survey)

What are the survey question types?

The survey questions supported by the 8x8 Contact Center IVR are of the following types:

  • Scale: Allows callers to respond to questions with a numerical input ("How do you rate the quality of service you received today on a scale of 1 to 9?"). Use the question node and select a question of the Scale type, set the question prompt, specify a valid numerical range, and define the number of tries for invalid and empty input.
  • Yes/No: Use this question type to prompt for an answer of the Yes/No type ("Would you recommend our service to your friends? Press 0 for Yes, 1 for No."). You must select a digit for either answer, and define the behavior for an invalid or empty input.
  • Voice Comment: Allows callers to leave a voice comment ("We would like to hear your feedback. Please leave your comments."). You can set up the maximum recording time and the prompt to start recording. Recording time range is 10-900 seconds.

Note: If you need additional assistance for configuring post call surveys, consult 8x8 Professional Services.

How do I build a Post Call Survey?

Based on the expected outcome, building a Post Call Survey for your company requires careful planning of the survey questions, and determining when and how to present the survey. Here is the recommended workflow for implementing Post Call Survey:

  1. Prepare a survey plan that discusses the details of the survey; determine the number of questions, the question type, and the questions. For your guidance, we have put together guidelines to assist you with this process.
  2. Determine if the survey is presented in-call or by calling back.
  3. Determine if the survey is offered by agents or controlled by IVR, or presented independently on a company web page.
  4. Build a PCS script based on the plan.
  5. Configure to present the survey using:
    • IVR-Controlled Survey
    • Agent-Assisted Survey
    • Stand-Alone Survey
  6. Test the survey workflow for validation.

Note: When building the survey questions, we recommend selecting the most appropriate Question Title and avoid changing it after deploying your survey.