Appendix: preparation for a survey

For 8x8 Post Call Survey, we have put together a series of best practices to help you get started.

Step 1: Create your survey in an editable document

  • Establish the type of question you want to create: Scale, Yes/No, or Voice Comment.
  • If you plan a question of the Scale type, determine the most appropriate numerical range. We recommend not changing it after deploying the survey.
  • Review the questions for clarity, spelling, and proper syntax.
  • This enables you to copy and paste your questions while building the survey.
  • This helps in using the Say object.
  • If you use the Say object, configure it to be interruptible.

Step 2: Insert a welcome message

"Welcome to my company survey. We appreciate your time in taking the survey."

Step 3: Follow the best practices

  • Keep the number of your questions to 4-6.
  • If using the Scale question type, use the same numbering in all questions.
  • If changing the numbering in the scale, group similarly-scaled questions together.

Sample questions

  • Agent Score
    "How do you rate the quality of service provided by our patient care representative? Press 1 for least satisfied and 9 for extremely satisfied."
  • Customer Satisfaction
    "How satisfied are you with the overall experience of your call today? On a scale of 1 to 10, press 1 for least satisfied and 10 for extremely satisfied."
  • Net Promotion Score
    "Will you recommend our service to your friend or family? Please select 1 for least likely and 9 for most likely."
  • First Call Resolution
    "How many times did you have to contact us to resolve your request? Press 1 for one, 2 for more than one, 3 for still not resolved."
  • Voice Comment
    "If you wish to leave us a brief comment, please wait for the beep and proceed."
  • Closing Message
    "Thank you for taking the survey; goodbye! We appreciate your feedback."
  • Invalid Prompt
    "You entered an invalid response; please enter a valid response."
  • Empty
    "We are waiting for your response; please enter a valid response."