Access survey results

The 8x8 Customer Experience application allows supervisors to review the 8x8 Post Call Survey results. It gives an aggregate report for each question presented in the survey. If supervisors wish to look at how callers are rating their agents or service quality, they can access the respective scores and investigate further. The survey results can be filtered by script name, agent groups, agents, queues, and date range. You can filter survey results by agent groups, agents, and queues for inbound queued calls only.

To access the survey results:

  1. Log in to 8x8 Agent Console.
  2. Click in the Control Panel.
  3. Select Customer Experience.
    The Customer Experience dashboard launches in a separate browser tab. For details, refer to the Customer Experience guide.
  4. Click in the navigation tabs to view the data for the Post Call Survey.
  5. Enter your filtering criteria, such as the script, agent groups, and agents on the Filters menu on the left side of the window.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. The data for Post Call Survey is presented on the dashboard.
    1. Survey Summary: This tab presents visual data for surveys, including the number of surveys presented and the number of surveys completed. You can access the metrics on the percentage of valid and invalid responses, and the total survey score for each question.
      • Survey Result Totals: The following metrics are presented in a bar graph.
        • Offered: Number of customers who were offered the option to take the survey.
        • Opted In: Number of customers who opted in to take the survey.
        • Started: Number of customers who started taking the survey and stayed for the duration of listening to the first question prompt.
        • Completed: Number of customers who provided valid responses to all questions presented in the survey.
      • Data for Survey Questions: The following metrics are presented for each question in a pie chart.
        • Answered: Number of customers who answered this survey question. This includes valid and invalid responses. If a question is offered more than once to a caller, we consider the last input received for that question.
        • Hung up: Number of customers who hung up after listening to the question prompt.
        • Skipped: Number of customers who failed to respond to a survey question (valid or invalid) through the time out duration or the system failed to capture the input.
        • N/A: Number of customers who hung up before being prompted with the question. Caller didn't complete interaction with the question.
        • Invalid: Number of invalid responses to the question.
        • Score: The average score for a given question.
      • Response Breakdown: You can view the number of valid and invalid responses for each question. You can also view data on the number of responses for each rating on the scale. View the maximum score received, minimum score received, and the average and median score for the time period selected.
        You can identify a score you are interested in, such as a score of 2 out of 9; you can click the score bar, and it drills down the calls with that score and provides more insight in the Detailed Responses tab.
    2. Detailed Responses: You can access information on the caller name and number, questions presented in the survey, and the respective scores for each question in a tabular format. If your survey allows voice comments, you can find and play the recorded comments from this page. Click next to the caller's voice comment to download the .wav file and share it with the respective party. Use the Completed filter to find all surveys completed by the customers, including voice comments. The filter offers a better visibility of customer's response and participation.

    Note: System considers a survey as Completed when customer responds to all questions.

    To view the detailed call path of the survey, you can click in the Actions column.

How do I print or download survey results?

You can download or print Post Call Survey results quickly:

  • From the top-right corner of the dashboard, click to print the report in CSV format.
  • Click to download the report and print on paper.

Note: We currently have a download limitation of 1000 lines per report. If a report runs longer than the specified limit, it downloads the first 1000 lines of the report.

How do I download survey's voice comments?

You can download multiple voice comments for a given survey question:

  1. Click and open Detailed Responses link.
  2. Enter your filter options and click Submit.
  3. Look for Voice Comment column in the results.
  4. Click next to the voice comment to download the file. The filename has the date and time stamp of the time the caller left the message.