Configure a survey

To configure an 8x8 Post Call Survey, build a Post Call Survey IVR script, then invoke the survey automatically (via an inbound IVR script), or manually (by dialing a channel assigned with the script). In an IVR-controlled survey, the IVR script prompts callers for a survey and offers the survey at the end of the call or by calling back later. Agents cannot interfere with the process. They can be informed if a caller is offered a survey. For a better understanding, we build the script based on the use case for the Acme Health clinic illustrated below, and discuss all the steps involved in building and enabling the survey.

IVR-controlled survey

In an IVR-controlled survey, you must first build the survey script, and then invoke the survey script from another IVR script. When customers call into the channel, they can be offered to take a survey explicitly by seeking the caller's permission, or offered implicitly. If they agree to take the survey, they are offered the survey at the end of the call or are called back later.

Configuring an IVR-controlled survey requires you to follow the steps below:

Are agents aware of an accepted IVR-controlled survey?

In an IVR-controlled survey, you can program the IVR script to inform agents if a caller is being offered a survey.

Agents can see if the caller is offered a survey under Phone > Transaction. This is read-only information for agents.

Agent-assisted survey

In an agent-assisted survey, agents offer the survey at the end of a call by transferring the call to a queue or channel that is dedicated to the survey.

  • Via transfer to a queue (Using the transfer to external number feature of a queue)
  • Via transfer to a channel (This requires agents to go to the second phone line and initiate a call to the channel number)

Offering a survey via transfer to a queue requires you to:

  1. Create a phone queue dedicated to dialing a channel which invokes a Post Call Survey.
  2. Set up the queue to transfer all calls to a channel.
  3. Link this channel with the Post Call Survey script.
  4. Transfer calls intended for the survey to this queue.
  5. During a call, the agent must inform the caller about the survey, then transfer the call to the queue dedicated to the survey. The caller is directed to the survey.

Offering a survey via transfer to a channel requires you to:

  1. Select a phone channel and assign the Post Call Survey script.
  2. During a call, agents must switch to Line 2 in the 8x8 Agent Console, dial the channel number to which the PCS script is assigned, and transfer the held call on line 1. The caller is placed on hold temporarily, and then directed to the survey.

Stand-alone survey

To configure a stand-alone survey, assign a phone channel to the Post Call Survey script. Publish this channel phone number on your company web page, inviting customers to take the survey. When customers dial this phone number, the system invokes the survey directing them to the survey.