Scheduled report emails

Want a quick overview of your organization's call activity? Simply schedule a report, and set the report to repeat after a certain period of time, giving you regular updates on agent activity and effectiveness. You can easily schedule the following reports and receive them via email daily, weekly, or monthly:

  • Company Summary report
  • Extension Summary report
  • Call Details Record report
  • Ring Groups Summary
  • Ring Groups Member ummary

The scheduled report offers you the flexibility to:

  • Schedule periodical reports and generate reports at a user-specified timezone.
  • Aggregate or break down metrics day-by-day.
  • Deliver the report via email as CSV or PDF attachments.
  • Deactivate report queries you no longer need.
  • Filter call detail reports to track answered, abandoned, or missed calls.
  • Email the report as often as the user wants - daily, weekly, monthly, first day of the week, or the first day of the month and more.

To access the Scheduled Report Emails, click the header menu next to your name. From the drop-down list, select Schedule Report Emails.



  • Custom timezone for the scheduled report: Select your preferred timezone for the scheduled report and no longer be tied to the PBXClosedPrivate Branch Exchange—a private telephone network used within a company. timezone.
  • Ability to reactivate reports: You can now reactivate reports which you have marked as inactive. Marking a report inactive stops generating and delivering the report to the scheduled recipients.

    Simply click to mark a report inactive. Once marked, the report gets listed in the Inactive tab.

    To reactive a report, click . Find it in the Active tab.

  • Improved accessibility of Cross-PBX CDRClosedCall Detail Record includes call details such as point of origin,end point, call direction, call duration, and more. reports: Scheduling CDR reports across PBXs is now enabled within the scheduled report. You do not have to enable it under Settings anymore.

  • Report date range now allows you to generate reports for yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, and last month.
  • Email Frequency: Allows you to schedule reports via email daily, weekly, monthly, first day of the month, and Monday- Friday. These options come in handy to meet your reporting needs. You can also specify the start and end date for receiving the scheduled reports.
  • Ability to email scheduled reports to unlimited recipients: You can now email the scheduled report to any number of recipients. Simply enter a valid email address and hit enter.
  • Add custom email subject and message: Use the default subject or add a custom subject and write a brief message to be sent to the recipients for better user experience.
  • Attach reports as PDFs: You can now choose to email reports as PDF files, CSV files, or in both formats. The user-friendly PDF format provides quick insight into top incoming calls by extension, site and department..
  • Updated security: The email will continue to include a link to access the report, which will now expire after seven days. Additionally, the email will now include the report as an attachment, provided it does not exceed 6mb in size. Archived reports will continue to be available in VO Analytics.

How do I schedule a report?

  1. Log in to Analytics for 8x8 Work.
  2. From the upper-right corner, select Schedule Report Emails from the drop-down menu under the username.

  3. In the follow-up screen, click New.

  4. Enter or select the following information:
    1. Schedule name: Enter a name for the report.
    2. Report: Select a report type from the available options. Currently, you can schedule only Company Summary, Extension Summary, Call Detail Record, and ring group summary and member summary reports.
    3. Report date range: Select the date range for the report from the available options such as last week, last month, this week, this month, and more.
    4. Intraday time range: Select the time range within 24 hours of the day such as 6 am to 2 pm only.
    5. Site: Filter data by selecting a specific site or all sites.
    6. Department: Select the desired departments.

      Note: At this time, we do not support a query for multiple branches with selective departments. You must create a separate report for each branch.

    7. Direction: Indicate the direction of calls (Inbound, Outbound, Internal). This applies only to Call Detail Record report.
    8. Call Status: Select one of the options. This applies only to Call Detail Record reports.
      • Answered: Incoming calls answered live.
      • Abandoned: Calls abandoned by callers before being answered by a live person or before reaching voicemail (missed calls, minus calls that reached voicemail).
      • Missed: Calls that were not answered live (calls that reached voicemail, plus calls that were abandoned).
      • None: Some call legs do not have a value for Answered, Missed or Abandoned. This filter allows you to include or exclude those call legs
    9. To: You can now email the scheduled report to any number of recipients. Simply enter a valid email address and hit enter.
    10. Subject: Use the default subject for the scheduled email or click Change to edit the subject.
    11. Message: Write a brief message to be included in the scheduled report emails.
    12. Attachment: You can choose to email reports as PDF files, CSV files, or in both formats. The user-friendly PDF format provides quick insight into top incoming calls by extension, site and department..
    13. Frequency: Select the frequency with which you wish to schedule the reports. You can select a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
      Once the reports are saved:
      • A daily report is delivered via email the next day.
      • A weekly report is delivered on the next day of the following week.
      • A monthly report is delivered on the 1st day of the following month.
    14. Starts on: Select a date to begin scheduling the report.
    15. Ends on: Select to never end scheduling the report email or select a date to end the scheduling.
  5. Click Schedule. The report shows up in the list.

Note: If you have already created a query with the same criteria, you will be prevented from creating a duplicate.

How Do I edit a report?

You can edit an existing report by clicking on it from the list. You can edit any field in the report and save your changes.

How do I download a scheduled report?

The scheduled report runs at the set time and sends an automatic email to all named recipients. The email contains a link to download the report. When you click the link, you are prompted to log in to Analytics for 8x8 Work, and a download page opens.
Click Download. The report is saved instantly as a zipped file. You can also navigate to the list of scheduled reports, select the desired report, and click to download the report.