Get Ring Group List Data

You can track the inbound call activity of each ring group and compare it with other ring groups in your phone system. Look at how many calls were received, answered, missed, and more by each ring group. You can also check how efficiently the ring groups are handling calls by reviewing the time data.


Access the following three dashboards to gain thorough insight into the inbound call activity of your call center's ring groups:

  • Call Comparison: Look at the bubble chart for a quick comparison on the total number of calls received, answered, and reached voicemail. Each bubble represents data for a specific ring group. Hover over the bubble for a quick look at the metrics. The bigger the bubble, the higher the number of calls processed.

    Now you can review the data only for selected ring groups. To select ring groups, click in the upper-right corner, and select the desired ring groups.
  • Call Time: Check the average time for handling calls, such as call duration, talk time, ring time, and average abandon time.
  • Call Distribution: For a quick look at the inbound call traffic handled by each ring group, view the call distribution dashboard. Hover over the pie chart for metrics.

Glossary: Ring Group Listing

This report tracks call traffic and average call handling times for each ring group.

Column Description
Extension Extension number of the ring group
Name Name of the ring group
Total Agents Total members of the ring group
Total Total number of calls received by the ring group extension (answered, abandoned, or missed)
Answered Total number of calls answered live by a ring group member.
Missed Total number of calls that were answered live (includes calls that reached voicemail and/or were abandoned).
Abandoned Total number of incoming calls abandoned by callers before being answered live or reaching voicemail.
Voicemail Total number of calls that reached voicemail.
Average Abandoned (Time) Average duration of all abandoned calls to this extension.
Average Ring Average time spent ringing for ring group members before being answered.
Average Call (Time) Average duration of inbound calls received by the extension.
Average Talk (Time) Average duration of calls answered live.
Active Number of calls currently active for that extension.