About Analytics for 8x8 Work

Your 8x8 Work phone system now offers extensive historical and real-time data that helps company executives and managers understand overall system usage and call quality performance.

Analytics for 8x8 Work is a robust suite of web-based tools that provide enterprise-level analytics and democratization of information that can be used to make highly informed business decisions. This suite of services deliver easy-to-use, customizable, and rapid insights into historical and real-time information associated with all extensions and devices in an organization’s 8x8 Work phone system. Granular details are available from a highly-scalable data platform, and can be viewed in a graphical or tabular format on any device. You can also export many reports into Excel or CSV for further evaluation and archiving.


  • Access user-friendly dashboards with company-wide, department, or extension user-level call metrics at your fingertips.
  • Get vital custom reports on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Apply custom filters and extract desired data.
  • Export report data to CSV or Excel for further evaluation and archiving.
  • Offer workgroup managers the ability to monitor call traffic and adjust their workforce.
  • Allow managers to monitor agent performance.
  • Retrieve call quality trends and call quality detail information.
  • Get individual endpoint device status around the globe in real time, and take corrective measures in the event of a disaster.

Localization support

We offer localization support in English US and French.