Know the Interface of Analytics for 8x8 Work


When Analytics for 8x8 Work launches, it opens the Company Summary report. Use the navigation menu on the left to access the dashboards that are grouped based on call activity per extension, queues, and ring groups. Additionally, dashboards on call quality, employee status, and device status are available from the menu.

The following table lists the dashboards along with a brief description:

Dashboard Category Dashboard Name: Description
Call Report

Company Summary

Provides a high-level overview of usage of your business phone system. At a glance, learn the total number of calls handled, inbound, outbound, missed, and active.

Extension Summary

Provides a detailed summary of call activity for any extension user in the phone system. See aggregate call volume and how calls were handled at the level of every user.

Call Detail Record

Using the call detail record, see the entire call journey from initiation to termination. This report is ideal for tracing a specific call to see how the call was routed, who answered the call, the duration of the call, whether the call was placed on hold, the duration of the hold, whether the caller or callee disconnected during the hold, and more.

Active Calls

Offers real-time data on calls currently in progress.

Unreturned Calls

Helps you track missed calls that are not returned from any extension within the phone system.

Calls By DIDClosedDirect Inward Dialing

Track incoming call activity to phone numbers including direct calls and those leading from auto attendants, call queues, and ring groups.

Call Quality

Call Quality Trend

This report captures the quality of all calls in the phone system over several days or months so that the changes in call quality can be tracked.

Call Quality Detail

The Call Quality reports offer individual call and consolidated MOSClosedMean Opinion Score provides a numerical measure of the quality of human speech at the destination end of the circuit. score detail in graphical format and granular detail for analysis and problem resolution.

Call Queue

Queue Board

This report provides real-time and historical metrics for a call queue, such as the number of agents waiting to serve the queue, number of calls waiting in the queue, waiting time, number of calls answered so far, and more. This provides a snapshot of critical stats for a queue.

Queue Listing

Select this option for a quick view of critical metrics for all call queues in the phone system. Select the desired queue for additional stats.

Queue Detail

The queue detail report provides additional insight about the current status of agents assigned to the queue, a breakdown of the talk time, the number of answered calls, and abandoned calls for each agent. With just a click, you can check out active and queued calls.

Queue Call Data

This report captures the call details of all calls processed by queues. You can pull these metrics for a desired time period.

Ring Group

Ring Group Call Data

This report provides a real-time view of all call activity in any designated ring group in the 8x8 cloud phone system. Using these stats, you can monitor the performance of agents assigned to the ring group. This report presents call details of all calls processed by ring groups. You can view all attempted calls, or filter to view only answered calls.

Ring Group List Data

You can track the inbound call activity of any ring group and compare it with other ring groups in your phone system. View how many calls were received, answered, missed, and more by each ring group. You can also check how efficiently the ring groups are handling calls by reviewing the time data.

Employee Report

Display Status

This report provides the real-time status of all extension users within the phone system.

Employee Activities

Look at the current status, previous status, and the time of last status change of users in the phone system.

Device Report

Device Status Detail

Provides real-time information about the status of all endpoint devices associated within the organization’s 8x8 cloud phone system to rapidly view the health of any device, and adjust to any areas of failure. This report shows how many IP endpoints are in service (connected to 8x8 servers online) or out of service.