Track inbound calls by business hours

Have you ever wanted to evaluate staffing needs based on the call traffic during business hours? Accessing the call volume during the peak hours of your business helps you with staffing decisions. With Analytics for 8x8 Work, you can now generate a report based on specific business hours you have stored. You can also download the report in CSV format.

Note: The Business Hours report is available with the Supervisor license only.


  • View inbound call traffic per extension for business hours and off hours.
  • Define and store business hours as needed. This information is stored in the user's browser only.
  • Download the report in CSV format.


Access the Business Hours report

  1. Log into Analytics for 8x8 Work.
  2. From the navigation menu, select the Business Hours report. The report is automatically generated and presented. The report offers metrics for total number of inbound calls received during business hours and outside of the business hours, and the percentage of calls received after business hours. See glossary.

Configure the business hours

By default, your company's business hours are set to 8 am to 5 pm. To modify the business hours, in the header, for business hours, click Configure. From the schedule that opens, select the start hour and the closing hour for each day as desired. Click Save.

The business hours data is stored as part of a cookie in the browser. You can modify the business hours. On clearing the browser cache the business hours information previously entered is removed. The information is kept only in the browser of the user and thus is not set for all the users of the PBX. Each user would have to set this up for themselves.

Viewing call data for a specific day

  1. Select any day from the calendar to review the historical call data based on the business hours.
  2. To select a day from the calendar, click to reveal the calendar.
  3. Pick the desired date and click .
  4. Select to save the report locally.


The following metrics are applicable for a given day. By default, the report extracts data from the beginning of the current day.

Column Description
DIDClosedDirect Inward Dialing The direct inward dialing number.
Extension Extension number reached by this DID.
Total Inbound Calls Total number of incoming calls received by the phone system from outside.
During Business Hours (Inbound) Total number of incoming calls received during the business hours.
After Business Hours (Inbound) Total number of incoming calls received outside the business hours.
After Business Hours % (Inbound) The percentage of inbound calls received after business hours.