Schedule Reports

You can now schedule reports and receive them via email daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, and select from a wide range of metrics and filters to generate a report most suited to your business needs. This way, you can gain better insight into how you can make your call center more effective. In addition, you can choose to send scheduled reports to your colleagues to keep them updated. To schedule a report, you must first create a report and save it.

Step 1: Create a custom report as described here.

Step 2: Open a saved report query and schedule it.


To schedule a report:

  1. From the main navigation menu, select Create Reports.
  2. Open a saved report query by clicking and navigating to the desired query.
  3. While scheduling a report:
    1. Name the schedule: Enter a schedule name to help you keep track of your scheduled reports. Click Next.
    2. Set the recurrence: Indicate the frequency at which you want to generate this report. For example you can set the report to run every Monday morning at 8 AM.
      • For Recurrence, select <Weekly> from the available options.
      • Start Time indicates the time you want to initiate report generation. For example, you can select a time of <8 AM> and then <Monday> for the day of the week you want to run this weekly report.
      • Range of Recurrence: Indicate how long you want to run this report by selecting a start date and an end date. If you do not choose an end date, the report continues to generate until it is stopped manually.
      To generate a daily report, select a <Daily> recurrence.
    3. Set the parameters: Select the report type from HTML, CSV, or Excel. Enter a report name that helps you identify the report for later use.
    4. Identify report recipients: Enter the email IDs of all desired recipients for this report. Add a subject line and message as desired.

These reports are generated at the frequency specified, and sent via email to the specified recipients in the chosen format.


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