Access the campaign interactions data

As a supervisor, do you need to track data about campaigns? You can access key campaign metrics in the Interaction Details report.

The Interaction Details report offers the following data about campaign interactions.

  • Campaign name: Name of the campaign
  • Campaign ID: The unique identifier of the campaign
  • Record ID: The unique identifier for each campaign call
  • Disposition action: Every attempted campaign call may be labeled with a disposition action for follow-up. The supported disposition actions are 'Try Again', 'Schedule Call Back', and 'Do not Call'.
  • External transaction data: This data refers to the name value pairs that will be used for populating the transaction panel when an agent is offered the interaction.

You can search and filter the report by any of the new fields.

Note: The transaction code selected by the agent is shown in the Wrap-up code data field.

To access the campaign interactions data:

  1. From the menu, go to the Detailed Reports > Interactions.
  2. Using the filter, select Type is Campaign. Click Search to extract only the campaign interactions.


    As a shortcut, click the quick access link for Campaign transaction details. Click Search to extract only the campaign interactions.

    You can now view the campaign name, ID, and more.

Note: In this release, we support filtering campaign interactions tagged with the following values of disposition action:
- No code
- Do not call
- Schedule callback
- Try again