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Set Thresholds

A threshold allows you to define a limit for a metric, which displays an audio and visual alert on the dashboard screen when exceeded. Threshold alerts can warn you to watch the metrics closely and necessitate action.

Example: At AcmeJets, Casey supervises a support queue that handles calls from premium customers. Casey's team must be available to take calls from customers, with the longest waiting time not exceeding 15 seconds. To ensure a good response time, Casey has to set up the following thresholds to bring up an alert:


Threshold Alert Types

You can set two types of alerts:

Note: Currently, thresholds are tenant-wide. Every supervisor can edit or delete all thresholds and threshold sets in the tenant.

Step 1: Create a Threshold Set

8x8 Analytics allows you to define a threshold set, add individual thresholds for metrics and keep them in a single set. John wants to set up thresholds for multiple metrics. He can create "John's Threshold Set" for himself, and add all his thresholds to the set.

  1. In the top-right corner, click , and select Thresholds from the menu.
  2. In the following screen, click New Set.
  3. In the pop-up window, select to create a threshold set that allows you to configure and assign thresholds for the queue metrics or the agent metrics.
  4. Hover over the name, and click to rename the threshold set as desired.

    Note: A threshold set is a container for all your thresholds. You must define at least one threshold to save a threshold set.

  5. Select the queues to which these codes should be assigned.

Step 2: Add a Threshold

  1. Click New Threshold to add a threshold for a metric.
    In this screen, you need to select the metric which requires a threshold, define threshold values, and select colors for the alerts.
  2. Select the Metric Type from Interval, Real Time, and Today.
  3. Select the desired metric from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select a color for the danger alert.
  5. Toggle the Display Good as green on the wallboard setting to On or Off.
  6. Save the threshold. This gets added to the threshold set.

    Coming Soon: The ability to send email alert notification will be introduced in a future release.

  7. Click Save to the save the threshold set.

When you assign these threshold to queues, you receive audio and visual alerts on the dashboard/wallboard.

Manage Thresholds

You can edit, copy, and delete your thresholds defined within a threshold set, as well as the threshold sets.


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