Set thresholds for metrics

In 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center, setting a threshold allows you to define a limit for a metric, which displays an audio and visual alert on the dashboard screen when exceeded. Threshold alerts can warn you to watch the metrics closely and necessitate action.

For example, at AcmeJets, Casey supervises a support queue that handles calls from premium customers. Casey's team must be available to take calls from customers, with the longest waiting time not exceeding 15 seconds. To ensure a good response time, Casey has to set up the following thresholds to bring up an alert:

  • When the number of available agents slips below two.
  • When the longest waiting time in the queue exceeds 15 seconds.


  • Trigger audio and visual alerts to warn about slipping metrics that may impact the quality of customer service.
  • Define thresholds for agent and queue performance metrics. This includes default as well as custom metrics.
  • Set a warning alert and a strong alert to necessitate action.
  • Control the interval at which the audio alerts notify; every 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or farther apart.
  • Use bold-colored visual alerts to draw immediate attention to the dashboard.

Threshold alert types

You can set two types of alerts:

  • Warning: Use this for a gentle alert. For example, when the longest waiting time exceeds 20 seconds, display an orange alert.
  • Danger: Use this for a strong alert which necessitates immediate action. For example, when the longest waiting time reaches 30 seconds, display a red alert.

Note: Currently, thresholds are tenant-wide. Every supervisor can edit or delete all thresholds and threshold sets in the tenant.

Manage thresholds

You can edit, copy, and delete your thresholds defined within a threshold set, as well as the threshold sets.