About 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center

8x8 Analytics for Contact Center empowers contact center managers with customizable reports that highlight the status of critical performance metrics, driving insights needed to optimize customer experiences. It provides industry-leading insight into the performance of your contact center. It is more than just data; 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center brings powerful graphical tools that reveal actionable business insights. Supervisors can observe agent and queue performance in real time, access data for different intervals or for the day, and share this data on wallboards.


With 8x8 Analytics for Contact Center, you can:

  • Quickly identify significant trends in how you are serving your customers with at-a-glance visualizations.
  • Filter out noise and focus on the things that are impacting your customers’ experiences.
  • Identify highly-performing agents and those who need coaching or assistance.
  • Detect performance anomalies to catch issues before they become widespread.
  • Stay on top of your team’s performance, no matter where they are.

Technical requirements

  • Browsers: Google Chrome
  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux