Identify interactions forwarded to callback

Do you want to track the interactions which were forwarded to callback? In the Interactions Details report, you can identify those interactions which were opted for callback and resulted in a callback. Interactions which were forwarded for callback may be cancelled after a time period set in the IVR script. You can track these interactions using the appropriate label.

  • Label - Forwarded to callback: Tracks interactions that resulted in agents calling back. Includes queued and non-queued interactions.
  • Type is callback: Lists all interactions marked for callback, as well as those that resulted in callback, and those that were cancelled from callback.
  • Label - Cancelled callback: Tracks callback interactions which expired - no agent was available in the expected validity based on the default time set in the IVR (currently max 6 hours).

Note: Callbacks can be either outbound or inbound, depending on their type:

- Web callbacks of type “call me now” or “call me after a certain delay” are inbound

- Web callbacks of type “call me when agent is available” are outbound

- Callbacks created by the IVR script are always outbound

The web callbacks of type “call me now” or “call me after a certain delay” are considered inbound because these calls are made into an (inbound) channel and are otherwise treated the same way as ordinary inbound calls.