What's new in Beta for the 8x8 Work for Desktop/Web 8.13 users?

In this release, we have introduced the following enhancements:

Ability to use a secondary device to play incoming ringtones for Citrix optimization

In this release, when the Citrix optimization is activated, users can now choose a specific speaker to play the calling sounds and incoming ringtones from the Secondary ring source list. The speaker device may differ from the microphone device.

To learn how to set up a specific speaker for incoming ringtones, see Set up a secondary ring source .

Other enhancements & fixes

  • Improved accessibility for screen readers in areas like calls and call control always displayed on top.
  • The upload and download sounds are now disabled if the user is on an active call or meeting.
  • Fixed - first name field is populated with the phone number when you add a new personal contact from call logs.
  • Fixed - inbound calls get declined with Poly BT600 headset.