Set up call handling tone

While you are on a call, different calls events can occur. Choose to play different tones for each interaction that occurs to easily recognize them:

  • Call End - plays when the call drops or the other party ends the call
  • Call Hold - plays when one party puts the call on hold
  • Call Transfer - plays when one party successfully transfer the call

If you find these tones distracting, you select to toggle off the call handling tones.

To control the call handling tones:

  1. Go to Settings > Audio & Video page.
  2. In the Audio & Video settings page, select to toggle on/off Enable handling tones.
  3. Optional: Click info to see which tones play when Call handling tones is enabled.

By default, the Enable handling tones toggle is On, but you can disable it anytime.

- The Enable handling tones option displays only when the Modern sound library is selected in tthe Settings > Notifications page. The Enable call hang-up tone option doesn’t display in the Audio & Video settings page. The classic Hang-up tone doesn’t play.
- If the Classic sound library is selected in the Settings > Notifications page, the previous settings toggles display, including the Enable call hang-up tone option. The Enable hang-up tone option plays only when one party puts the call on hold.