Note: This feature is available to 8x8 Work and 8x8 Meet users, but not to guests who have not signed in. At this time, only English is supported for subtitles and transcripts.
For details on 8x8 Meet features available to different user types, click here.

View audio subtitles in meetings

If you want to quickly scan through what was said in a meeting without sitting through a full-length recording, or find it difficult to hear what is spoken while you’re in a meeting, simply activate real-time meeting audio subtitles, and then view a transcript that contains all subtitles that were generated during the meeting.

To view in-meeting subtitles in meetings:

  1. In a meeting, click More actions to open a menu of advanced meeting controls and options.
  2. From the menu, select Subtitles to select the enable the language to view real-time subtitles of what participants say in the meeting.

    As long as one or more participants are viewing real-time subtitles, the generated subtitles are recorded in a transcript, indicated by a TR label in the upper-right corner of the meeting screen. Even if a transcript is already being generated, all participants who want to see subtitles in real time must enable Subtitles for themselves.
  3. If the meeting moderator allows other participants (guest users) to start subtitles locally in another language, they can choose the desired language at any time, by clicking More actions > Subtitles , and by selecting from the Subtitles list the desired language in which the meeting subtitle displays locally.

To access a transcript of in-meeting subtitles after a meeting:

  1. If at least one person was viewing subtitles during a meeting, the subtitles captured are saved in a meeting transcript.

    Note: The transcript includes only portions of the meeting during which at least one participant was viewing real-time subtitles.

    After the meeting ends, go to Meetings / > Recents to see your list of recent meetings.

  2. From the list of meetings, select the desired meeting to see the details and transcript associated with it.
  3. From the meeting details, click Transcription to view the meeting transcript.
  4. When viewing the transcript, you have the ability to download the transcript by clicking Download .