Note: This feature applies to 8x8 desktop apps, 8x8 Work for Mobile, and all browsers.
For details on 8x8 Meet features available to different user types, click here.

Use polls in meetings

If you want a quick tally of other participants’ opinions to a simple question, you now have the ability to set up an in-meeting poll! For example, Sam can poll the rest of the team on which day or days of the week work best for an upcoming meeting. Once your poll is set up, other participants can quickly weigh in, selecting one or more of the options offered.

To set up a poll in a meeting:

  1. During a meeting, open the Chat panel, and open the panel’s Poll tab.
  2. In the tab, click Create a poll.
  3. Enter the polling question and options that participants will see. If you want to add more polling options, simply click Add option.
  4. Once you are finished entering the poll question and options, click Send to open the poll for all participants, yourself included.

    Note: Participants have the ability to select more than one option in a poll; if you want participants to select only one item, let them know in advance.

To participate in a meeting poll:

  1. During a meeting, open the Chat panel, and open the panel’s Poll tab.
  2. Next to a poll, click Vote.
  3. Select one or more of the options listed for the poll.
  4. Once you are finished selecting options, Submit your results. If you change your mind after submitting your results, click Change vote next to the same poll to re-select from the poll options.

To access poll results after a meeting (only in browser or desktop apps, or 8x8 Work for Mobile 10.14 and newer):

  1. In the app, go to Meetings / > Recent meetings to see your list of recent meetings.
  2. From the list, select a meeting to see the details and recordings associated with it. If a poll took place during the meeting, you see a Polls tile in the post-meeting summary.
  3. Click the Polls tile to see any polls that took place during the meeting.