Handle calls from call queues

As a member of an 8x8 call queue, you can receive calls seamlessly directed to your queue inside Microsoft Teams, and can work with other members in the queue to deliver a more effective customer experience. If you are not assigned to any call queues by the administrator in the 8x8 Admin Console Call Queues settings, the Call Queues left menu option will not be visible.

To handle calls from call queues, you must first log in to a call queue that you are a member of.

To log in to or log out of call queues:

  1. Go to 8x8 Dashboard in the top navigation bar, select Call Queues from the side navigation menu. The Call Queues screen displays.

  2. Click Log in to log in to available queues. Click Log out to log out of logged in queues.

    Depending on your call queue setup (Call Queues are configured by the administrator.), you may either log in to your call queue(s) manually, or be logged in automatically when you log in to 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams app.

    Access metrics for call queues

    To view the call queue traffic and supervise key metrics, click . The metrics are presented via Analytics for 8x8 Work on a separate browser tab. Go to the dashboards for queues. The reports provide real-time and historical metrics for a call queue such as number of agents waiting to serve the queue, number of calls waiting in the queue, waiting time, number of calls answered so far, and more. This provides a snapshot of critical stats for a queue.