Manage Calls

Once you successfully make a call or accept an incoming call, the 8x8 Work Softphone gives you additional call management options. You can transfer calls, record calls, add video to calls, switch between calls on two lines, create conference calls, and more.

Call Management Controls

While on an active call, you have access to the following call management controls:

Icon/Control Functionality
Mute/Unmute Mute the call on your end. Click to unmute the call.
Add Call Make another call while still connected to your first one.
Keypad Switches back to the dialpad view. Click Actions to return to the call management controls.
Hold/Resume Place the call on hold. Click to retrieve the held call.
The other party hears music until you resume the call.
Video Add video to the call. Click to stop video.
A webcam must be built in or installed.
Record Record call audio. Click to stop recording.
This feature is available based on your subscription. Call recording must be enabled under Settings > My Services.
Transfer Perform a call transfer.
Blind transfer does not require speaking to the second party before transferring the first party over. Warm transfer requires speaking to a second party before transferring the first party over.
Merge the calls into a three-way conference. Appears when you have one active call and one call on hold.
End Call Disconnect the call.

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