Record Calls

You have the flexibility to record calls on demand during a call. You can initiate, stop, and resume recording any number of times during a call by tapping in the call management controls to record, and to stop recording.

Note: Recording notification requirements vary from location to location. Before configuring call recording options, please familiarize yourself with laws and requirements in the areas in which you anticipate recording calls.

Note: You must log in to the 8x8 Work for Desktop to access your call recordings.

To access call recordings in the 8x8 Work for Desktop:

  1. Log in to the 8x8 Work for Desktop.
  2. Go to the Phone tab.
  3. Select the Recordings tab.
    A list of call recordings opens.
  4. Choose a recording, and click to play.
    You can also download, forward, or delete the call recording.

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