Install the 8x8 Voice for Teams app

To install the 8x8 Voice for Teams app for your organization you need to use administrator credentials with Global Admin rights or Teams Service Administrator rights for managing app policies.


Before installing the app, ensure you have configured Microsoft Azure AD for user Single Sign-On (SSO). This is required to authenticate and sign-in users in the 8x8 Voice for Teams app. Learn how to configure Microsoft Azure AD for Single Sign-On.

Install the app

To install the 8x8 Voice for Teams app:

  1. Open and log in using your administrator credentials.
  2. Click all apps in the left-side navigation bar and click Admin.
  3. Click Teams.
  4. Select Teams apps > Manage apps and enter 8x8 in the search field. The 8x8 app displays.

  5. Select Teams Apps > Setup policies and select Global (Org-wide default) to roll out the app to all users in your organization or add a custom app setup policy and assign it to a selected group of users that you want to provide this app to. In this guide way forward we shall exemplify by selecting the Global (Org-wide default) policy.

    Note: An administrator can apply the 8x8 app to any teams in the organization including those created by others.

    Note: For additional information about setting policies for Microsoft Teams,
    see Manage app setup policies.

  6. Click Add Apps. The Add installed apps dialog displays.
  7. Select Global, enter 8x8 in the search field, click Add to add 8x8 app to the Apps to add section. Then, click Add to pin the app for users.
  8. The 8x8 app is listed in the Pinned apps section and available to users in the team. Optionally, select the 8x8 app icon and click Move up or Move down to move the app icon up or down in the list.
  9. Click Save.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for the 8x8 app to sync before a user can access it in Microsoft Teams.