1. Does the same storage policy apply for recordings created by both deleted and active users?

    Yes, the policy equally covers recordings that were created by users with one of the following statuses: active, deactivated, or deleted.

  2. Are metadata and other recording-related files covered by the same storage policy?

    Yes, all recording related files and metadata fall under the same policy as the recording itself and will be stored or deleted together with the recording.

    When a recording is archived (in cold storage), all media files are archived and must be retrieved for playback (retrieval might take up to 12 hours and the files will be available again for 7 days upon retrieval). But metadata is still available and accessible in the Quality Management and Speech Analytics or the Recordings page in 8x8 Admin Console.

  3. Are storage policies automatically assgined?

    Not all storage policies are automatically assigned:

    • For 8x8 Contact Center users, all storage policies are automatically assigned.
    • For 8x8 Work users, storage policies that are included by default in the X series licenses are also automatically assigned together with the licenses, but all storage add-ons (130 days hot and any type of cold) must be manually assigned to the users they were purchased fo
  4. How long do the storage policies available?

    Purchased storage remains available only for as long as the customer remains a customer of 8x8. Otherwise, to protect your customer data, 8x8 shall delete your data in accordance with its data retention policies.