Storage policy types

Note: Cold storage is currently not supported for 8x8 Work and 8x8 Meet.

Storage policy types include default and custom.

Default storage policy

By default, certain storage policies are available for the administrator to easily use. These policies determine the retention duration of 8x8 Work call recordings and 8x8 Meet meetings for customers, and 8x8 Contact Center. Screen recordings can be optionally purchased for Contact Center customers. Call recordings and meetings have default policies and admins can customize the policy amount to anything below 30 days (even 0 days). See the hot and cold storage license matrix for default hot storage settings.

Every Contact Center user is assigned to a Contact Center policy by default while Non-Contact Center users are assigned the generic "Call recording" default policy. You cannot add cold storage to the default policy, as it has to be previously purchased.

The meeting recording policy defaults are based on the licenses purchased and admins need to customize this policy based on what is purchased. For example, if you purchased both X1 and X3 licenses, you have two meeting recording policy cards: one for X1 and one for X3. They are 30 days and 130 days, respectively.

The Contact Center policy is configured with whatever the maximum amount of storage is purchased for all concurrent seats. Admins can customize these amounts to anything below the maximum purchased in each category.

Note: Every 8x8 Contact Center user is assigned to this policy by default and cannot be removed without removing the associated 8x8 Contact Center or screen recording license for the user.

Custom storage policy

You can create one or more custom storage policies when a default policy does not suit your business needs. Admins can only create custom storage policies for hot storage for 8x8 Work and 8x8 Meet. . You can select call recordings or meetings for 130 days, but not both in the same policy.

Note: You cannot create as many custom storage policies you need for Contact Center users, as all Contact Center users must use the same default storage policy.