Tour the Phone App interface

Once you have been granted access to the 8x8 Phone App for Microsoft Teams, launch the Microsoft Teams app, then locate Phone App in the navigation menu (Teams app bar).

In Phone App, you can access the following:

  1. Dial pad: Manually add the phone number you want to dial.
  2. Active Calls: View all active calls. From this section, you can Hold/Resume, and Transfer an active call. If there are no active calls, the section remains empty.
  3. Search Contacts: Search for contacts saved to your user profile, and add/edit/delete contacts within Phone App.
  4. Note: You cannot access the Global Address List from Phone App.

  5. Call history: View the call logs. From this section, you can search the call history, view all calls, view incoming, outgoing, or missed calls. The call history retention period is 14 days, with a storage capacity of up to 100 calls.