User provisioning configuration options

In 8x8 Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, you can configure the site and contact number options when completing user provisioning.


Each 8x8 user created through the 8x8 Azure AD app must be associated with a Site before they can be assigned an X Series license. To do this, you need to ensure that the Office (physicalDeliveryOfficeName) attribute contains the exact name of one of your Sites from Configuration Manager.

In the default installation, Site is set from the Office (physicalDeliveryOfficeName) attribute in AD, but you can change this in app mappings to suit your AD environment if required.

If your 8x8 installation has only one Site, you can opt to hard-code its name in the 8x8 application's attribute mappings using a “Constant” mapping type. This avoids the need to set the Office (physicalDeliveryOfficeName) attribute for each user.

Note: A user's site cannot be modified once set.

Note: If you change the name of any of your Sites in 8x8 Configuration Manager, the synchronization of users is broken until their Office (physicalDeliveryOfficeName) attribute matches in AD.

Contact numbers

In the default installation, the AD user’s Office phone (telephoneNumber) and Mobile phone (mobile) attributes are passed to 8x8 as contact numbers and will show to other 8x8 users in the following places:

  • the corporate directory of Virtual Office Desktop and Mobile
  • the Contact Center directory
  • the Switchboard Pro directory

Note: The contact numbers are not be shown in the directory of physical desk phones.