With 8x8 X Series, you can reduce your operational IT overhead with 8x8 Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory for User Single Sign-On (SSO) and User Provisioning.


8x8 Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory features include:

  • SSO allows users to authenticate into any 8x8 application using their corporate Azure AD credentials.
  • User Provisioning allows:
    • Users from Azure AD to be created in 8x8 automatically without the need to re-key common user details.
    • Updates to user details made in Azure AD to be automatically pushed to 8x8.
    • Deactivation of users in 8x8 by disabling their account in Azure AD.
    • Existing users created directly in Configuration Manager can be linked to their Azure AD counterparts.


To use the 8x8 Azure AD Integration you need:

  • Any 8x8 X Series subscription
  • Azure Active Directory of any subscription level

Note: On-premise Active Directory is not supported directly, but can be used in a “hybrid” Azure AD environment where users are synced from on-premise AD to Azure AD via an Azure AD Connect agent.


Known limitations for the current release:

  • Assignment of X Series licenses must still be completed from Configuration Manager, either individually or in bulk using a CSV upload.
  • The user’s phone and extension numbers set in Configuration Manager cannot be synced back to Azure AD through the 8x8 app. This is due to limitations of Microsoft’s implementation of User Provisioning which does not allow for data to be retrieved back into Azure AD.
  • The Users site cannot be modified once it set.
  • Deleting a user in Azure AD does not delete that user in Configuration Manager. You must delete the user manually from Configuration Manager.