What's New in the Virtual Contact Center 9.4.3 Release?

In this release, we have introduced a few enhancements and fixed many bugs. The following release notes provide an overview of the significant enhancements as well as list the bugs:

Bug Fixes

We have fixed the following bugs in this release:

Bug Summary
VFIX-2433 During monitoring, when a supervisor tries to access chat transcripts for chat interactions, it fails to show existing chat transcripts.
VFIX-2411 WAPI process stopped responding to requests.
VFIX-2353 Supervisors who monitor calls that mandate a transaction code experience an unresponsive End Post processing button, if they are not assigned with the code.
VFIX-2343 Agent Interface: Mandatory transaction codes do not write to Detailed Transaction report even if agents selected them during the interactions.
VFIX-2342 In Local CRM, Close Date and Closed By values are not populated for cases occasionally.
VFIX-2338 Monitoring Window: Even if the agent is on call, clicking the agent in the Agent Management window shows the agent is processing an email.
VFIX-2337 Monitoring Window > Agent Management > Monitor: The quality monitoring section is missing information, even when an agent is on call.
VFIX-2336 Monitoring Window: While an agent is processing an email, the Start Monitoring button continues to be enabled.
VFIX-2315 In newly created VO-VCC tenants, agent-to-agent calls fail.
VFIX-2290 In VO-VCC tenants, transferring or joining lines [Direct Agent Routing call] fail when Agent 2 is working offline/busy.
VFIX-2274 Call that are forwarded to external IVR drop abruptly.
VFIX-2025 Historical Reports: Detailed transaction report shows Post Dial Delay duration in UTC time stamp instead of in seconds.


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