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Co-Browsing via Chat

8x8 Co-browsing allows customer support agents to assist customers remotely via a shared browser. With Co-browsing, you can empower a website or any browser-based application, and offer live, hands-on assistance to customers. A customer in need of assistance must initiate the remote session, generate a unique session code, communicate it to an agent via phone or chat. The agent then uses the code to establish a remote session. Co-browsing session co-exists with a call or a chat for communicating the session code. Agents and customers can request and or allow co-browsing sessions via chat.

To enable co-browsing for a chat session, administrator must enable this feature in Configuration Manager. To enable the co-browsing feature, go to Chat Design > Window and then select Offer the Co-browsing request into the Chat window. Notice that Start Co-browsing session appears in the Chat window. See How to design a chat window.


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