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What's New in the Virtual Contact Center 9.7.1 Release for Administrators?

We have introduced the following new enhancements to improve the productivity of agents, supervisors, and administrators.

Ability to Set the Browser Language as the Pre-Chat Language

In Configuration Manager, administrators can now set the browser language as the language visible in the pre-chat form. A pre-chat survey form serves to gather information from a chat user before initiating a chat. Using the form, you can collect information from an existing user, such as their preferred language. With this enhancement, the customer's browser language can optionally overwrite the pre-chat default language, eliminating the need for the customer to answer an extra question. When the translation is not available for the browser language, the pre-chat selected language will be in effect. See Translation in pre-chat form.

Ability to Bypass Automatic Translation in Greeting Messages

In Configuration Manager, the administrator can now configure the greeting messages to bypass the automatic translation. Greeting messages are routinely used to invite the customers to a chat session. You can type your message in the chat window, and select to automatically translate. With the new enhancement, however, you can bypass the automatic translation and let the user provide a customized translation instead. See Greeting Messages in the summary table.

What's New in the Virtual Contact Center 9.6 Release for Administrators?

We have introduced a brand-new look for Virtual Contact Center applications in this release. Additionally, we have a few feature enhancements for administrators.

Refreshed New Look for Virtual Contact Center

Whether you are an agent, a supervisor, or an administrator of Virtual Contact Center, you will certainly love the new refreshed user interface of all our applications. Look out for the notifications when you launch your application. Please note that we have kept all our functionality workflows intact so there is no learning curve for you.

Ability to Message Customers via Facebook and Twitter

Take advantage of Facebook and Twitter to service customers directly and increase customer satisfaction with Virtual Contact Center Social Integration. By unifying the agent experience, 8x8 Social allows users to channel their messages from social media into Virtual Contact Center. Customers can contact the businesses and receive support from within their social platform. Virtual Contact Center Social supports messaging via Facebook and Twitter in this release.To receive chat interactions, agents must be assigned to an enabled chat queue and be in Available state. See Social Media Integration.

Increased Length of Email Addresses

You can now save email addresses exceeding 55 characters. The maximum limit now stands at 254 characters. This change allows many areas such as saving longer email IDs of agents, customers in Local CRM, setting up email notification for voicemails, and more. See User Profile.

For the complete list of areas that benefit from this enhancement, see below.

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