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Set up Call Park Extensions

Call Park Extensions is an 8x8 phone system feature, and allows users to park and retrieve calls by pressing a Busy Lamp Field (BLF) key on the phone.
For more information, refer to the Call Park Extensions User Guide.

How Can I Monitor Calls Using a Call Park Extension?

Monitoring calls via call park extension is performed via desk phone.

To monitor calls using a call park extension:

  1. Receive an inbound call using the phone for front desk associate.
  2. If the call is for Lighting, press the BLF key for the Lighting department.

    The call is parked to be retrieved by associates in Lighting.
  3. Use an intercom call or paging to announce the waiting call.
  4. An associate in the Lighting department retrieves the call by pressing the BLF key.

    -To hear the phone ring, select the Enable call audio tone check box when assigning the BLF key in Account Manager.

    -If the call is not answered within five minutes, the call will be diverted back to the front desk associate. If the front desk associate is not available, the call goes to the front desk answering machine.

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