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Call Flow for a Branch Office

Branch call flow begins with a Virtual Number on your PBX and flows to the receptionist at the branch office. In this case, the receptionist can be a live operator, an Auto Attendant, or several live operators assembled in a ring group or call queue. In summary, a receptionist for Branch Office receives inbound calls through one of the following roles:

Call flow within a branch office may be explained as follows:

  1. The branch is assigned a Virtual Number. The Virtual Number points to the receptionist extension that is assigned as the Receptionist of the branch office.
  2. Overflow calls to branch office receptionist can go to voicemail, Auto Attendant, or any forwarding phone number. The receptionist extension is where you set call overflow rules, if required.
  3. The caller can leave a voicemail or dial <0#> to be directed to the Branch Receptionist in order to ensure the caller gets a desired response.
    A branch office call flow may be represented as shown here:

Receptionist Tools

The receptionist receives branch phone calls. 8x8 provides receptionist with tools to distribute calls using:

Use Case

Let's consider a business with five branch offices. Specialty Cookies has set up 5 stores in California, with a small group of employees at each store. Their main store in San Francisco is a larger operation. Specialty Cookies wants to segment its (Undefined variable: LocalVariables.CompanyDirectory) for each branch to streamline branch-specific calls.

Let’s look at the requirements for Specialty Cookies, and review how the 8x8 solution can meet the requirements.

Each store requires:

The main store in San Francisco requires:

8x8 Solution

Virtual Office can meet Specialty Cookies’ requirements using:


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