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Branch Office - An Overview

Branch Office gives 8x8 phone system administrators the ability to segment extensions on their PBX into groups that can represent physical or virtual branches of your company. This results in better caller experience and easier, more efficient call management. Each branch has its own unique branch directory consisting of regular extensions and service extensions, and branch-level presence management.

Branch Office also allows you to customize the “zero-out” function, giving you more options for routing calls to other extensions besides just the receptionist at the primary location. For example, you can set it up so that callers into a specific branch are sent to the branch receptionist instead of the headquarters receptionist if they dial <0#>.

The Branch Office feature is especially useful for systems with multiple auto attendants or for businesses using the 8x8 Switchboard Pro app. Using Branches, a business with geographically-distributed offices or logical groups located in the same building gains the efficiency of branch call flow.

You can grant branch-specific privileges to an administrator role. The branch administrator can:


This guide is intended for 8x8 iPBX administrators. It provides an overview of 8x8 Branch Office and its benefits. The document details the steps involved in setting up a branch office in Account Manager.


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