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Auto Attendant Segmented by Branch

Auto Attendant can be customized to your branch, which saves callers time while they search contacts by name, extension, or (Undefined variable: LocalVariables.CompanyDirectory). You can customize the following call routing options in an auto attendant to point to a specific branch or to the whole PBX.

Note: If a Cost Center is bound to a Branch, selecting the Branch results in a read-only Cost Center field. However, if there is no Cost Center bound to the selected branch, the Cost Center must be selected manually.

To customize Auto Attendant for a branch:

  1. Go to a branch auto attendant in Account Manager under Phone System > Auto Attendant.
  2. Click Edit next to the desired auto attendant profile.
  3. In the Auto Attendant Information pane, select a branch from the drop-down choices.
  4. Expand the Business Hours Rules and Recordings pane.
  5. In the Auto Attendant page, select a branch for:
    1. (Undefined variable: LocalVariables.CompanyDirectory)
    2. Dial by Name
    3. Dial by Extension

Callers going through these Auto Attendant options now search through extensions assigned only to the branch.

Note: All the options mentioned above within an auto attendant must point to the same branch.


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