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Manage Call Queues

A Call Queue places callers in a queue while agents handle other calls. The calls are then answered in the order received as agents become available. Call Queues is an optional add-on feature that can be purchased separately.

Note: If a Cost Center is bound to a Branch, selecting the Branch results in a read-only Cost Center field. However, if there is no Cost Center bound to the selected branch, the Cost Center must be selected manually.

Initial Queue Greeting

The initial queue greeting is played when a caller first joins the queue. If all agents on the primary and secondary queue extension groups are busy and the maximum number of callers on the queue has not been reached, the next caller hears the initial queue greeting.

On Hold Music or Message for Use in a Queue

If all agents are busy, the caller continues to hear On Hold Music, which can be a music or a message. This plays immediately after the Initial Queue Greeting.

Repeating Queue Message

A message plays at intervals within the hold music. The default interval is 60 seconds. You can also give callers the option to leave a voicemail by pressing the 2 key.

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