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Create an Auto Attendant Profile

Auto Attendant is a service that acts as an automated receptionist. Through profiles and rules, you can select which phone menu options and recordings are used at specific times for callers to route themselves to an appropriate destination. Auto Attendant profiles are created to define menu options and recordings for specific situations. Every profile has rules associated with it. The rules define call flow and menu recordings within certain parameters.

Editing an Auto Attendant Profile

You can make changes to an existing Auto Attendant, test the menu options, print recording scripts, or delete the Auto Attendant.

To edit an Auto Attendant profile:

  1. Click Phone System in the top navigation bar.
  2. Under the Phone System menu, click Auto Attendant.
  3. Locate the profile you want to modify in the list, and click Edit.

    Note: If you try to edit an active profile, the system asks you whether you want to make a copy of the profile before proceeding. This is to ensure you do not lose the desired information or functions. You can proceed with or without copying.

  4. Click Expand and Collapse to view and edit the panes.

    Note: If you selected 24/7 Business Hours when configuring Auto Attendant, you cannot edit or configure rules for After Hours, Lunch Hour, or Holiday Hours. 24/7 applies to all hours, every day.

  5. After entering your changes in any of the panes, click Save.

To delete, copy or test Auto Attendant profile:

Delete, copy, test a profile, or print recording scripts, by clicking the drop-down arrows on the main Auto Attendant page.

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