Defining Properties of Transaction Code Lists

Transaction codes offer a means to apply call disposition to inbound as well as outbound interactions. Each inbound or outbound interaction in a call center has some purpose and disposition. Transaction codes can be defined to collect call disposition information from the agents at the time of the call and supervisors can report on this information for analysis and to determine further processing.

Use the Transaction Code Lists, Properties tab to create a new Transaction Code list and configure the list's primary characteristics.

To create a new transaction code list:

  1. Select Transaction Codes from the navigation menu. The Transaction Codes home page appears.

  2. Click New. The Properties dialog gets enabled.
  3. Enter the following values:

    Field NameDescription


    Check the box to put this code list into service.

    Name (Required)

    Enter a name for the new status code list.


    Enter a brief description of the purpose of the code list.



    A category distinguishes multiple code lists and attributes a code list to a specific group. For example, you can create categories for Sales, Support, Services etc. You can then attribute/assign each code list to a particular category.

    In the Category list:

    • Choose Edit Categories to create a new status code category.


    • Choose an existing status code category.

    Sort Order


    Select the order in which the codes should appear in the Agent Console:

    • Manual—Allows organizing the order of the codes manually.
    • Automatic—Organizes the codes alphabetically.

    Admin Notes

    Type information that enables administrators to understand the purpose of this code list.

    Primary Language (Required)


    Select a language in which the codes are written primarily. This information is required to create a list.

    Note: After saving the code list, you cannot change the Primary Language setting.

    Secondary Language

    Select the languages to translate the codes to. This option allows you to set up codes in languages other than English.

You are now ready to define the individual codes.

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To enable the Transaction Codes, Properties tab, your

Virtual Contact Center must have at least one transaction code definition. Perform the procedure in this section to create a new transaction code.

To display the Transaction Codes Properties tab.

  1. In the Configuration menu click Transaction Codes.

    Configuration Manager displays the Transaction Code Lists page.

    Figure 145: Transaction Codes page, Properties tab, no transaction code list definitions

  2. In the, Show list select all.

    Configuration Manager lists both the inactive and inactive transaction code list definitions. If no transaction code lists exist, you must create one to enable the Properties tab options.

  3. To create a new transaction code, click New.

    To use an existing transaction code list as the starting point for a new transaction code, click Duplicate.

    Configuration Manager adds the new, incompletely configured transaction code list to the page.

    Figure 146: Transaction Codes page, Properties tab, new transaction code list definition

  4.  In the Primary Language list, choose the transaction code list's primary language.

    The new transaction code cannot be saved until you choose the new transaction code list's primary language.

  5. Click Save.

    Configuration Manager enables the Codes, Translations, and Assignments tabs.

In addition to choosing the Primary Language, most contact centers will want to configure the transaction code's optional information.


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