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Configuring Support Center Registration

Use the Support Center Registration tab to create or customize an email message sent in response to the customer's request for a new user account. When a new user registers using the Support Center, Virtual Contact Center creates a new customer account in Local CRM. The email message contains the account number and password for the account. The Support Center account enables customers to create support requests. To request a new account, in the Support Center's My Account page, click Click here to register, then complete the online account request form.

To configure the Registration:

  1. In the Configuration menu click Support Center.
  2. Click Edit or double-click an existing support center from the list to view or modify.

  3. Figure 118: Support Center page, Registration tab

    Click Registration tab.
  4. Enter an email address in the email 'From:' address field.

    Support Center shows this email address on the From field of the emails sent to the customers. The email message is sent in response to the customer who registers to create a Support Center account.

  5. Enter a subject for Email Subject.

    Support Center shows this subject on the Subject field of the emails sent to the customers.

  6. Enter a message for Email message.

    Type the strings used to present the requester of a new Support Center account, account name, and password. The Virtual Contact Center replaces the @[email protected] and @[email protected] strings with an account number and password.

    Note: Customers can change the password using My Account portal.

  7. Select Enable Support Center registration.
  8. Click Save.


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