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Acquiring a Support Center's Access URLs

Use the Direct URL tab for a list of URLs required to access various Support Center services. The Direct URL tab allows you to generate direct URLs for the desired service, launch them for testing , and embed them in your website. You can also customize back URLs wherever applicable.

To enable customers to access one or more services of a Support Center, copy the URLs into customer-facing web sites.

To generate direct URLs:

  1. In the Configuration menu click Support Center.
  2. Click Edit or double-click an existing support center from the list to view or modify.
  3. Click Direct URL tab.
  1. Select a service from the drop down menu in the Direct URL Category.

  2. Enter the required parameter options.
  3. Click Generate URL to get a live link.
  4. Click Run on browser to test if the link works as intended.

    You can embed these links in your website.


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