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Summary Of Outbound Phone Codes, Codes Tab

summarizes the options available in the Outbound Phone Codes page,  Codes tab. 

Table 72: Summary of Outbound Phone Codes page, Codes tab

Field Name Description


Select Active to activate the specific outbound codes.

Menu Text

Type the string that Agent Console displays when displaying the code.

Report Text

Type the string that Agent Console displays when listing the code in a report.

Short Code

Type the string that Agent Console uses when displaying the code's short identifier.

Calling Line Identifier

Determine the Calling Line Id for a call that selects the code.

  • Use Agent Default Calling Line Id: sets an agent's default calling line Id
  • Anonymous: applies anonymous option

    Note: Anonymous Calling Line Id is not supported by all telecommunication carriers.

  • Channel Numbers: sets the channel numbers available for the tenant

Select an outbound Queue to channel the outbound call to.

Note: When an agent selects the code before dialing out, the call channels through the outbound phone queue. Channeling an outbound call through a queue also changes the agent status to Busy preventing any call offerings.


If an Agent has used a code in his or her Agent Console, then the Configuration Manager adds a checkmark to that code and associated code group's in the Used column.

After a code has been used, the code and its code group cannot be deleted.


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