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Defining Voice Mail Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement (SLA) for a voice mail queue defines targeted percentage of voice mails to be processed within a specified time interval. You can set a target service level for each queue and evaluate the service level periodically. You can also set up an alert notification if the service level falls below the specified threshold.

To define Service Level Agreement for a voice mail queue:

  1. Click SLA tab for the queue.

    Figure 83: Voice Mail Queue > SLA Tab

  2. Enter the values as defined below.

    Table 39: Summary of Phone Queue page, SLA tab options

    SLA tab option Description

    % of interactions should be processed within…

    To specify the Service Level Agreement (SLA) threshold for the selected queue:

    1. In the % of interactions… text entry area, type a percentage value as an integer from 0 to 100-percent.
    2. In the …processed within text entry area, type an integer number to indicate the time interval.
    3. Choose the units of time specified by this value in the next step.
    4. In the units of time list, choose the time unit specified by the…processed within text entry area. Valid time intervals are:
    • For Phone and Chat queues, Seconds, Minutes, or Hours
    • For Email and Voice Mail queues, Minutes or Hours

    Evaluate service level every

    Choose how frequently Virtual Contact Center compares the queue's performance to the SLA threshold specified for the queue.

    Send email notification to

    Type one or more comma-separated email addresses that should receive email notifications from the Virtual Contact Center if the queue's performance level has fallen below the performance threshold specified for the queue.

  3. Click Save to save the queue configuration.

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