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Configuring Voice Mail Notification

By default voice mails are queued and offered to the next available agent. Configure the Voice Mail Queue Notification Tab, to instruct the Agent Console to send a voicemail as a wave file attachment directly to an email address. With this setup agents do not have to retrieve the voicemail from a queue.

Additional option on the Notification tab allows configuration to automatically remove the voicemail from queue.

To enable this functionality in the Notification tab:

  1. In the Configuration menu click Queues.

    Configuration Manager displays a list of queues (Figure 48).

  2. In the list of voice mail queues, click Edit, then click the Notification tab.

    Figure 84: Voice Mail Queue, Notification Tab

  3. Enable the Notification.
  4. Specify email addresses to which voice mail attachments should be sent.
  5. Check Delete from queue option to delete the voice mail from the queue after sending the email attachments.
  6. Click Save to complete the configuration of a voice mail queue.

Table 40: Summary of Agents page,Notification Tab Options, Internal CRMNotification Rights

Notification Tab Option Description


To enable notification of voice mail by email regardless of the agent status.


Email Addresses

To send email attachments of voice mail to the specified email addresses.

Delete from Queue


If enabled, automatically removes the voice mail from the queue after sending the email attachments.

If disabled, sends a voice mail to the specified email address and forwards it to the voice mail queue. When the agent logs into the Agent Console, the voice mail is presented in the queue.

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