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Configuring Voice Mail for a Phone Queue

Stagnating calls in a queue for too long is not desirable to callers. So, you can direct calls waiting in a queue longer than a specified time to voice mail allowing callers to leave a voice mail. Use the Phone Queue, Voice Mail tab to configure the Voice Mail behaviors for the selected queue.

The Voicemail tab allows you to:

To configure voice mail for a queue:

  1. Click Voice Mail tab.
  2. Select or Enable voice mail settings as follows:

    Table 19: Summary of Phone Queue page, Voice Mail tab options

    Phone Queue, Voice Mail tab option Description

    Enable Voice Mail

    Select to enable Voice Mail for this Phone Queue.

    Force Voice Mail after

    Choose how much time Virtual Contact Center permits a caller to wait before redirecting the call to an Virtual Contact Center Voice Mail Queue.

    Voice Mail Message

    Choose the recorded message Virtual Contact Center plays when redirecting a caller to a Voice Mail queue.

    Route Voice Mail to queue

    Choose an Virtual Contact Center voice mail queue.

  3. Click Save.

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