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Defining Properties of a Chat Queue

Defining a Chat queue begins with specifying primary properties such as queue name, default priority, post-processing time out, and more. The Properties tab allows you to specify these properties.

To define queue properties:

  1. Click Queues in the Configuration menu.
  2. Click or Chat in the Queues main page to add a new queue.

    The Properties tab for the queue opens.

  3. Enter the desired properties.

    Figure 62: Chat queue, Properties tab

    Table 29: Summary of Queues page, Properties tab options

    Properties tab option Description

    Queue type

    Read-only reminder of the type of queue.

    Queue name

    Type the name of the queue.

    Default Priority

    Choose the priority for this queue, where 1 specifies lowest priority and 10 specifies highest priority. This defines the priority for interactions of all media.

    By default, Virtual Contact Center prioritizes the queues as follows:

    • Phone queue= 8 (highest default priority)
    • Chat queue= 6
    • Voicemail queue = 4
    • Email queue = 2 (lowest default priority)

    Based on your business needs, you can assign the desired priority for each queue.

    Post Processing Timeout

    Choose how much time Virtual Contact Center waits before assigning a new interaction from the queue to an agent who has just completed an interaction.

    The post processing timeout enables agents servicing the selected queue to perform any necessary post-interaction tasks before receiving a new interaction.

    Choose Manual to enable agents assigned to this queue to use their Agent Console to explicitly make themselves available for new interactions.

    Queue Signature

    Type the default signature appended to all email responses sent by an agent in response to an email interaction.


  4. Click Save.

After specifying the queue properties, you are now ready to assign members to the queue.


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